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It is a proven fact that insiders consistently make more on their trades than do retail investors. By following legal insider trading you can arm yourself with a great deal more knowledge when deciding what to do with your own stocks.
Our 7-Part Video Series will cover the basics of leveraging insider trading data and it will give you a very solid foundation on what to look for in various transactions. If you'd like even better insider knowledge you might want to check out our entire system for only $1.95 for a 14 Day Trial.

Video Course #1: Look for insider open market transactions

Video Course #2: Option-related insider trades

Video Course #3: Purchases are easier to interpret than sales

Video Course #4: Look for big trades and check for holding percentage change

Video Course #5: Follow the HANDS-ON insiders

Video Course #6: Follow the LONG-TIME Insiders and play attention to ownership type

Video Course #7: Look for group insider trades

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