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This report provides insider trading pattern and statistics for "Google Inc. (GOOG)" . Please read important descriptions at the bottom of this report.

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Last Trading Date

#Shares Bought/Sold
Amount Bought/Sold


Apr 03/17

-19 Class C Capital Stock


Feb 21/17

-200 Class C Capital Stock

Tilghman Shirley M

Feb 13/17

-90 Class A Common Stock


Feb 06/17

-2,025 Class C Capital Stock

First-Class Insiders  


Last Trading Date

#Shares Bought/Sold
Amount Bought/Sold

Greene Diane B

Mar 27/17

-7 Class C Google Stock Units


Feb 27/17

-2,626 Class A Google Stock Units

Page Lawrence

Feb 22/17

11,000 Class A Common Stock

Brin Sergey

Feb 10/17

-1,557 Class C Capital Stock

Company CxO  


Last Trading Date

#Shares Bought/Sold
Amount Bought/Sold

Pichai Sundar

Apr 19/17

-3,625 Class C Capital Stock

Drummond David C

Apr 12/17

-1,000 Class A Common Stock

Porat Ruth

Mar 27/17

-1,575 Class C Google Stock Units

Campbell James Grier

Mar 27/17

-231 Class C Google Stock Units

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