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In these uncertain economic times, it is unsure as to where the market could be headed. Individual investors have learned that trying to predict the direction of the stock market is a fool's game.

So-called indicators and Wall Street Experts are clueless about the market. But there's a group of smart investors that keep on beating the market years after years.
These investors are Officers and Executives of publicly traded companies! Insider Trader

Academic studies showed that following buy and sell transactions of CEOs, CFOs, and other executives can significantly improve your investment returns!

In fact, studies show that executives were beating the market can by 6% to 10% per year! This might not seem like much but we are talking almost a 300% return in the spam of a few years!

The good news is that insiderslab could have returned over 500% within a year by following the right picks!

These executives are usually aware of information that the public doesn't know yet such as a new product offering, a merger or a takeover. One thing is sure though, insiders know much more then you and I!

It seems that this might be an unfair advantage over us but these insiders MUST report their public buy/sales within 48 hours through a S.E.C filing.

And that's where Insiderslab can help you profit from the stock trades made by Executives!

You can learn all the most recent and major insider transactions that are made by Corporate insiders. These transactions are public through S.E.C. filings but with thousands of insider transactions every week, it is hard to filter out the MOST profitable ones.
We provide our members the best insider alerts by utilizing our proprietary system that our team spent years creating.

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Join Today For $1.95
and receive 2 weeks trial
of Insiderslab alerts!
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Here's a few example as to what Peter Lynch meant by insiders buy because they think the price will rise.

Valhi Inc. (NYSE:VHI) managed to gain over 300% after a Officer Simmons Harold bought over $1 million in stocks of VHI on July 6th, 2010 at around $15.00.
(see proof of insider purchase in Yahoo: Click here)

VHI went to soar 300% within 15 months after! Clearly, Mr. Simmons had some good inside info on his company!This is the type of alerts that Insiderslab could have alerted you on!
Mako Surgical Corp. saw gains of over 200% after the Director, Moll Frederic bought over $180,000 of MAKO shares at around $9.50 on November 20th, 2009
(proof of insider purchase in Yahoo: Click here).

MAKO quickly soared only a few months after!
Culp Inc. (NYSE: CFI) saw gains of over 600%! One of the Officer, Culp Robert George IV, bought shares on December 30rd, 2008 at around $1.60
(proof of insider purchase in Yahoo: Click here)

CFI went and jumped to over $13.00 only a few months after! Investors like you and I could have benefit from this public information! This is the type of insider signals that Insiderslab tracks!
Pixelworks Inc. (NASDAQ:PXLW) gained over 500% after insiders bought shares at around 70 cents. A few months after PXLW moved to over $3.64!

Follow the smart money and start profiting like real insiders with Insiderslab!

Peter LynchNot convinced yet? Read below and learn how you can receive alerts on stocks that soar 400%! Peter Lynch, a renowned investor who managed over 14 billion dollar, was once quoted saying:

"Insiders might sell their shares for any number of reasons, but they buy them for only one: they think the price will rise".

According to Lynch, there are no better indicators then a trade from an insider to the future success of a stock.

give you a leg up
in an extremely
unpredictable market?
Academic studies have shown that gains realized based on insiders buy/sells signals tend to outperform the market.
Insiders usually have inside information that the public doesn't know and they tend to buy or sell based on their knowledge
Insiders trading company stock is usually a strong indication of the direction of that company's stock
By combining our system with other investment tools, you can make more informed investment decisions

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