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Wall Street's Best Secret: Penny Stock Insider Trading Discovered!

Penny Stock Insiders have proven to outperform retail investors simply because they're better equipped to select timely entry and exit points on their trades. This information is vital for investors seeking positive or abnormal returns.

At Insiders Lab you are given the unique opportunity to track insider trading activity for SEC-listed securities. If you are an investment professional or a retail investor, Insiders Lab delivers pertinent buying and selling trading activity from those who know best.

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Successful Insider Purchases


CACG soared over 1500% moving from under $2.00 to over $30.00 after the CEO bought MILLIONS of shares below $2.00 !

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Winning Insider Model Portfolio

Symbol Highlighted
Insiders Buy
Company Stock
Average Return
On the above model portfolio began with an initial capital investment of $5,000. Following insider trading signals the portfolio produced a return of 0% finishing with a value of:

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